LG G3 Rooting Prerequisites Explained

lg g3 0520Before you start doing the LG G3 root, make sure that you do the following:

  1. Mobile operating: Set == “Application ==” Developer Options == “Debug ==” ROMan “> USB Debugging ==” tick.

(A necessary condition for the operation of wire rooting, make a backup before removing phone contacts, pictures, video, music and other kinds of files they need)

  1. Install the LG drivers

(File is too large to upload, can Baidu search online or through Kies connection automatically download and install)

  1. Root tool to download: odin3_v3_06.exe

Additional Information:

Phone firmware == “PDA: MA3 / Phone: MA3 / CSC: MA3 (CHM), this is China Mobile’s customized machine used for the current LG’s latest official firmware.

Getting started: 1. Shutdown: Start three-button operation: press the volume down key + HOME key + power key. The phone gets completely tuned off. (Note: This is the official mode!)

  1. Press the volume key == enter the real root machine interface.

(Note: Press the volume button on the key to proceed to the next step, press the volume keys to restart the phone normally!)

  1. Plug the data cable to connect the computer, open odin3_v3_06 .exe, a yellow ID: Com, (the color is not necessarily on the nearly successful connection).
  2. PDA begins to root == “Press Start to start the brush into (PDA to download the root Brush Pack, n7108-root package. Here, I used too large to upload to the Baidu search).
  3. Wait three minutes or so, the interface will appear green, and the phone will automatically restart. So, congratulations on the success! You can get the highest administrator privileges (root), equivalent to the computer’s Admin privilege. You are free to delete the system software, functions, other functions and use methods to discover.

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