How To Root LG G3 Without Damaging Knox

We have seen and written several guides on both the Root permissions that installing different ROMs, but also to restore the firmware, they have been more or less simple, but today we will focus to a guide that may be of interest to many, or to obtain Root permissions on LG G3.

As mentioned yesterday, is back on the famous GeoHot that has revolutionized the world of modding with its new tool, which is called Towelroot, remember that you can achieve the Root permissions on all LG’s that have been updated KitKat, but above all, the most important thing is not going to raise the meter Knox.

Having said that we begin to see what we need to do this simple procedure, then move on to the actual guide.

Let’s start

We incorporate in this section the necessary materials and procedure, since in any case it is only to download an APK file and run it, then we say it is really very simple, let’s see how to proceed.

The first thing to do is go to the website dedicated to rooting the LG G3 and download the APK file, just go to the inverted Y and click on it to be able to start downloading the file that will be called tr.apk.
Logically, we should remember that this guide should be done directly from the phone to make sure that everything is easy and smooth, otherwise you can download the file to your PC and then simply move on your smartphone.
Now let’s go in the settings of our G3 and go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources, checking this item.
Done this with any file manager or by downloading the app, let’s select the file tr.apk, thus starting the installation.
After this we go in the app you just installed avviamola and select the item Root, wait until it’s done throughout the process.
Now we will have root permissions without increasing the counter Knox.


As you will see in one easy step or better in no time installing an application in a single click will allow you to get Root permissions on your G3, we recall the main thing, that will not be altered in any way counter Knox, who to date has always stuck so many people, because they would lose the ability to send the device in for service.

We, as always, we remain at your disposal for any type of problem, and especially if you have any doubt before, please contact us as soon as we get the chance to answer all the comments, trying to clarify your every thought.

If you proceed with the installation and you want to let us know what kind of firmware installed, and especially if your device is Italian or European, you can always share it in the comments with other users, for now we can only wish you good installation.

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