How To Get Root Access On LG G3

Thanks to the developer Chainfire who published the proven and well-known CF Auto Root for LG G3, we’re able to come up with this tutorial. What do we mean? CF auto root it is a file that is installed via Odin (the internal updater of LG used to update their product range) as it allows to modify a couple of things, such as under the PDA section that actually replaces some parts of the system (kernel in general) and combined with other customized tweaks it can provide root permission and a changed recovery system.

Luckily, this is actually the easiest, quick and easy way to get root permissions on the official update. Here is a handy guide.

Required Files:

Official LG USB Drivers
ODIN v3.07

What you will get / miss:

The phone will not lose your data (unless complications or abnormal behavior)
Do not miss configurations of the home
You will have the program SuperSU in app list
You will get the LG G3 Root.
No more OTA updates
Theoretically they could do stories help if you do not eliminate the root
The file does not contain recovery Changed


Help permits:

Download the files and install / Unzip the necessary
Turn off the LG G3 and on again by pressing Volume Down + Power + middle button (Download Mode slang)
Attach it to your PC
Open Odin in the PDA and select the file CF-Root car

If everything was done perfectly, you should see the file and the port selected in blue.

Then press start and after a quick update of a few seconds, the device will reboot, install the file, and then will turn on normally.

You will now have the permissions to root and remove or recover all apps you had previously.

Note: To remove the root, you can update with an official ROM / Firmware.

We assume no responsibility for damages, problems or malfunctions. The guide has been tested by us as well as the published material.

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