How To Get Root Access On LG G3

Thanks to the developer Chainfire who published the proven and well-known CF Auto Root for LG G3, we’re able to come up with this tutorial. What do we mean? CF auto root it is a file that is installed via Odin (the internal updater of LG used to update their product range) as it allows to modify a couple of things, such as under the PDA section that actually replaces some parts of the system (kernel in general) and combined with other customized tweaks it can provide root permission and a changed recovery system.

Luckily, this is actually the easiest, quick and easy way to get root permissions on the official update. Here is a handy guide.

Required Files:

Official LG USB Drivers
ODIN v3.07

What you will get / miss:

The phone will not lose your data (unless complications or abnormal behavior)
Do not miss configurations of the home
You will have the program SuperSU in app list
You will get the LG G3 Root.
No more OTA updates
Theoretically they could do stories help if you do not eliminate the root
The file does not contain recovery Changed


Help permits:

Download the files and install / Unzip the necessary
Turn off the LG G3 and on again by pressing Volume Down + Power + middle button (Download Mode slang)
Attach it to your PC
Open Odin in the PDA and select the file CF-Root car

If everything was done perfectly, you should see the file and the port selected in blue.

Then press start and after a quick update of a few seconds, the device will reboot, install the file, and then will turn on normally.

You will now have the permissions to root and remove or recover all apps you had previously.

Note: To remove the root, you can update with an official ROM / Firmware.

We assume no responsibility for damages, problems or malfunctions. The guide has been tested by us as well as the published material.

LG G3 Rooting Prerequisites Explained

lg g3 0520Before you start doing the LG G3 root, make sure that you do the following:

  1. Mobile operating: Set == “Application ==” Developer Options == “Debug ==” ROMan “> USB Debugging ==” tick.

(A necessary condition for the operation of wire rooting, make a backup before removing phone contacts, pictures, video, music and other kinds of files they need)

  1. Install the LG drivers

(File is too large to upload, can Baidu search online or through Kies connection automatically download and install)

  1. Root tool to download: odin3_v3_06.exe

Additional Information:

Phone firmware == “PDA: MA3 / Phone: MA3 / CSC: MA3 (CHM), this is China Mobile’s customized machine used for the current LG’s latest official firmware.

Getting started: 1. Shutdown: Start three-button operation: press the volume down key + HOME key + power key. The phone gets completely tuned off. (Note: This is the official mode!)

  1. Press the volume key == enter the real root machine interface.

(Note: Press the volume button on the key to proceed to the next step, press the volume keys to restart the phone normally!)

  1. Plug the data cable to connect the computer, open odin3_v3_06 .exe, a yellow ID: Com, (the color is not necessarily on the nearly successful connection).
  2. PDA begins to root == “Press Start to start the brush into (PDA to download the root Brush Pack, n7108-root package. Here, I used too large to upload to the Baidu search).
  3. Wait three minutes or so, the interface will appear green, and the phone will automatically restart. So, congratulations on the success! You can get the highest administrator privileges (root), equivalent to the computer’s Admin privilege. You are free to delete the system software, functions, other functions and use methods to discover.

How To Root LG G3 4.1.2 And Make Use Of MoviStar!

moviAll set? Let’s start

First we will download and install the LG Drivers program to find on the website of LG. Once installed open it and plug the phone to ON we installed the drivers on the PC.

After installing the drivers of the phone, close the LG Driver and open the Odin 3 program, preferably as an administrator (right-button Open as administrator) and turn off the phone.

Now let’s turn your phone into DOWNLOAD mode, which is the way we should go to flash the device. How do we do it? Very simple, press the following combination of buttons: VOLUME DOWN + CENTER BUTTON + POWER BUTTON and we will turn the phone on the next screen:

Press the VOLUME UP button and you’re in download mode:

The next thing to do is plug your phone to PC to install drivers from the download mode, when the connection is correct we will mark this box:

Easy, no? Well now let the ROM that you downloaded and extract the zip in an easy to locate. Once this is done we go to Odin, we click on the PDA box and select the file extension .md5 and check that everything is as in the following

Press “START” and waited about 10-15 minutes for it to finish flashing. When finished, the phone will reboot and Odin we will mark it with this box in green:

So far the process does not delete user data, but applications to remove operator must restore the data as follows (if you were coming from a free ROM and just wanted to upgrade, you can skip this step):

1) We turn off the phone.
2) We enter the recovery mode by pressing VOLUME UP KEY + + ON CENTRAL BUTTON. To move into recovery mode use the volume keys to raise and lower and middle button or the power button to select.
3) Select “Wipe data factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”.
4) Select “Reboot system now”

After doing this we lose all the data stored in the internal memory and the phone takes some time to start the first time, as it has to rebuild the cache, but other times will start normally.

Once you set up your Google account you can restart the phone a few times to seat the ROM.

Finally remind you that what we have to do is install a free ROM not unlock your phone, that is, if you bought it with Movistar not have the ROM but you can only use Movistar SIM.

We have updated our LG G3 to 4.1.2, if you also want to be able to root then follow this excellent tutorial.

Any doubt shall be resolved in the comments. Enjoy this wonderful device!

How To Root LG G3 Without Damaging Knox

We have seen and written several guides on both the Root permissions that installing different ROMs, but also to restore the firmware, they have been more or less simple, but today we will focus to a guide that may be of interest to many, or to obtain Root permissions on LG G3.

As mentioned yesterday, is back on the famous GeoHot that has revolutionized the world of modding with its new tool, which is called Towelroot, remember that you can achieve the Root permissions on all LG’s that have been updated KitKat, but above all, the most important thing is not going to raise the meter Knox.

Having said that we begin to see what we need to do this simple procedure, then move on to the actual guide.

Let’s start

We incorporate in this section the necessary materials and procedure, since in any case it is only to download an APK file and run it, then we say it is really very simple, let’s see how to proceed.

The first thing to do is go to the website dedicated to rooting the LG G3 and download the APK file, just go to the inverted Y and click on it to be able to start downloading the file that will be called tr.apk.
Logically, we should remember that this guide should be done directly from the phone to make sure that everything is easy and smooth, otherwise you can download the file to your PC and then simply move on your smartphone.
Now let’s go in the settings of our G3 and go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources, checking this item.
Done this with any file manager or by downloading the app, let’s select the file tr.apk, thus starting the installation.
After this we go in the app you just installed avviamola and select the item Root, wait until it’s done throughout the process.
Now we will have root permissions without increasing the counter Knox.


As you will see in one easy step or better in no time installing an application in a single click will allow you to get Root permissions on your G3, we recall the main thing, that will not be altered in any way counter Knox, who to date has always stuck so many people, because they would lose the ability to send the device in for service.

We, as always, we remain at your disposal for any type of problem, and especially if you have any doubt before, please contact us as soon as we get the chance to answer all the comments, trying to clarify your every thought.

If you proceed with the installation and you want to let us know what kind of firmware installed, and especially if your device is Italian or European, you can always share it in the comments with other users, for now we can only wish you good installation.

8 Steps That Will Root LG G3 Using Odin and CF-Auto-Root!

Here is a complete guide to how to get root permissions on LG G3 without going to compromise Knox and their functions.

The root may threaten the safety purpose of the suite KNOX and once triggered the guarantee of the G3 will be canceled without a chance to go to restore KNOX and then final goodbye to the warranty.

Fortunately for performing the root came to the rescue and Chainfire Design gears thanks to a kit that will allow you to do this without going to compromise KNOX. At the time this method is only available for the version with Snapdragon CPU S800.

We warn you right now that following this procedure you will lose any data stored on your phablet, so before you proceed make sure you create a backup copy of all the data that you might need in the future.

Step 1:

First step is to make sure if the “Lock reactivation” is disabled in the security settings of the device. Also remove the microSD card.

Step 2:

Let’s make sure you’ve installed all the drivers needed to connect the notes 3 ​​and PC. If you do not know what we are talking about LG drivers installed and connect the device then to your PC and then everything will go smoothly. Download the ODIN package also.

Step 3:

Taking a look at threads at XDA are going to find out what your version of the AP and CSC of G3. Once you discover more and download the file from that thread CSC and AP corrected.

Step 4:

Boot into download mode, follow the procedure restart, battery removal, replacement, and simultaneously pressing Power + Home + Volume Down. Jump the alarm by pressing Volume Up.

Step 5:

It’s ODIN time! Open ODIN. Once you put the notes into recovery 3 proceed to connect it to your PC. ODIN will reveal the device now, if this does not happen, repeat step 4 and 5.

Step 6:

Click on the buttons CSC and AP and select the file that you have just finished downloading during phase 3. Check to be sure that you have loaded the correct files. Click on Start and wait for the program to finish the operation.

Step 7:

Let the G3 ​​be connected while the PC reboots. Transfer the contents of the zip file “root_de_la_Vaga” (downloaded in step 2) in the internal memory. You just need to copy and paste the file in the root / root of the internal memory.

Step 8:

Restart the phablet, once broken deleted the file you copied in step 7. Reboot again.


Root completed! You can now use the phablet by LG with root access and working with Knox.

The LG G3 4.0.3 Update Released – When Can It Be Rooted?

LG started rolling out the Android 4.0.3 update to the G3. Until now, the new firmware is available only for Polish and South Korean aircraft, but other countries will probably soon follow.

The update brings the software version to M500WKXUBND9. The changes are similar to those of previous updates from other LG devices. For example, the software would run smoother, the icons in the status bar are now white and the battery life is improved. The manufacturer has also added support for wireless printing.

The software is available via the ‘Software Update’ feature on the device or via LG’s update program Select. Initially, the new firmware was available only for the South Korean version of the tablet, but Poland soon followed. This seems like a good sign for our country, as the Polish unit is an international model, just like the Dutch version.

Update: It seems that the 4.0.3 update can now also be rooted already! This went extremely fast, and we didn’t expect it to be released so soon. So if you made up your mind and you told yourself that you want to know all about rooting, then make sure to root 4.0.3 as well!


LG has been more in the news for the last few months with the rollout of KitKat updates. Last month, the manufacturer began updating the G3. A test version of an update for the first G4 was also leaked. In February, the company released a list with American planes that get the KitKat software.

First 8 inch

The LG G3 came out in April 2013. It is LG’s first tablet with an 8 inch screen. The device has a 4 Exynos quad-core processor and 2 GB ram. At launch, ir ran on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Later, an update to 4.2.2 appeared. As it did with many other devices, Note 8.0 received an update to Android 4.3.