8 Steps That Will Root LG G3 Using Odin and CF-Auto-Root!

Here is a complete guide to how to get root permissions on LG G3 without going to compromise Knox and their functions.

The root may threaten the safety purpose of the suite KNOX and once triggered the guarantee of the G3 will be canceled without a chance to go to restore KNOX and then final goodbye to the warranty.

Fortunately for performing the root came to the rescue and Chainfire Design gears thanks to a kit that will allow you to do this without going to compromise KNOX. At the time this method is only available for the version with Snapdragon CPU S800.

We warn you right now that following this procedure you will lose any data stored on your phablet, so before you proceed make sure you create a backup copy of all the data that you might need in the future.

Step 1:

First step is to make sure if the “Lock reactivation” is disabled in the security settings of the device. Also remove the microSD card.

Step 2:

Let’s make sure you’ve installed all the drivers needed to connect the notes 3 ​​and PC. If you do not know what we are talking about LG drivers installed and connect the device then to your PC and then everything will go smoothly. Download the ODIN package also.

Step 3:

Taking a look at threads at XDA are going to find out what your version of the AP and CSC of G3. Once you discover more and download the file from that thread CSC and AP corrected.

Step 4:

Boot into download mode, follow the procedure restart, battery removal, replacement, and simultaneously pressing Power + Home + Volume Down. Jump the alarm by pressing Volume Up.

Step 5:

It’s ODIN time! Open ODIN. Once you put the notes into recovery 3 proceed to connect it to your PC. ODIN will reveal the device now, if this does not happen, repeat step 4 and 5.

Step 6:

Click on the buttons CSC and AP and select the file that you have just finished downloading during phase 3. Check to be sure that you have loaded the correct files. Click on Start and wait for the program to finish the operation.

Step 7:

Let the G3 ​​be connected while the PC reboots. Transfer the contents of the zip file “root_de_la_Vaga” (downloaded in step 2) in the internal memory. You just need to copy and paste the file in the root / root of the internal memory.

Step 8:

Restart the phablet, once broken deleted the file you copied in step 7. Reboot again.


Root completed! You can now use the phablet by LG with root access and working with Knox.

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